N-Gage Service Delayed

ngageready.gifLook, I know you were all sitting in front of your PC with cellphones gripped in your white-knuckled fists, refreshing the N-Gage website over and over again as you anxiously awaited the next step in mobile gaming, but you're all just going to have to wait a little bit longer. Nokia has delayed the release of their N-Gage platform client, citing problems with software development holding up the software for a few weeks. Despite the setback, Nokia is confident that the website for the service will be going live by the end of the year, delivering premium mobile gaming from the likes of EA, Capcom, and Vivendi to all the good little boys and girls with compatible cellphones (read: not me.) I am actually hoping the service proves successful, so we can finally stop having the urge to look for pictures of tacos in Google whenever we write an N-Gage story. Nokia N-Gage Gaming Service Delayed [Next Gen]


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