NiGHTS into Dreams Onto PS2

nightsintostuff.jpgFans of the original NiGHTS Into Dreams have been watching the development of the Wii sequel, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams with a delightful mixture of joy and anxiety, fearing their beloved title would be marred by the shaky hand of a Sega not quit as sure of themselves as they were back in the days of the Saturn. In an absolutely wondrous turn of events, those players need not worry about getting their NiGHTS on proper, as long as they have a PlayStation 2 around. Famitsu has revealed that a port of the original game will be hitting the PS2 this February in Japan, complete with updated graphics and 16:9 modes for those newfangled wide screen televisions we keep hearing about. For me this is even better news than the Wii sequel. Screw Journey of Dreams - this is all I wanted. Slip Christmas NiGHTS in there as a bonus and I'm set for another 10 years.

NiGHTS on PS2... the good one! [CVG]


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