NIMF: 46% Of Kids Able To Purchase M-Rated Games

sexual_chocolate.jpgThe National Institute of Media and Family and its partners have released a portion of their findings from a study of 60 U.S. retailers, showing that 46% of minors who attempted to purchase an M-rated game were successful doing so. Gamespot writes that the organisation's annual report card on its Annual Sting Operation findings is due next month, a report I'm sure at least one of our commenters is looking forward to.

The findings from the NIMF report preview were similar to the Federal Trade Commission's report from earlier this year, showing that some 42% percent of underage buyers were able to get their hands on a Mature-rated game. That report showed a decrease from 69% from 2003, part of a downward trend, but clearly illustrative of a program that needs a great deal of improvement.

Violent, pro-drug games reportedly sold to minors [San Diego Union-Tribune - via Gamespot]


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