Nintendo Announces Two New DS Lite Bundles

nintendo-ds-lite-pink.jpg A while back, crummy Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass DS Lite retailer scans did the internet rounds. The quality was bad, and it was hard to decipher if the hardware was real or not. It is. It's just one of the new DS Lite bundles Nintendo is releasing on November 23rd, Black Friday. The other is a metallic pink version that will come with Nintendogs. Go figure. Nintendo's Perrin Kaplan explains:

We chose a couple of the products (games) we know are so loved ... and picked colours we know appeal to consumers right now... It's already this incredible cake and we just want to put more icing on it.

Nintendo is letting retailers set their own price, but a DS Lite and one game runs about US $US 160. Though, we'd expect Nintendogs to be less as the game is a couple years old. New Bundles [Reuters]


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