Nintendo By Torrel Now Available

bob_omb_t.jpgThe Nintendo-licensed apparel by clothing brand Torrel that we told you about last month has formally launched, with an online store selling the Nintendo By Torrel line now live. The first line, which focuses on graphics lifted from Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World, ranges from T-shirts at $US 50 to hoodies to jackets which top out at $US 200. Those who prefer to swim in their clothing will be quite comfortable, as the product runs up to XXXXL. Spindly wimps like myself who rock smalls in everything will be left cold, naked and wanting.

Anyone who has ever dreamed of owning a Donkey Kong 3 or Mach Rider t-shirt can stop asking why God has forsaken them. They're both at the Torrel online store right now.

Torrel By Nintendo Online [TorrelTorrel]


    50 bucks for XXXXL, fair enough.. but 50 bucks for a S? Half that, at least.

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