Nintendo Can't Smash All Piracy

super_smash_bros_003.jpgThe Nintendo DS may be a crazy-successful piece of hardware, but the side effect is that the R4 DS game loader, equipment that allows one to load DS games that were downloaded/pirated/backed up, is pretty successful, too. The Times has just gotten wind of the R4 DS, and points out that its ease of use (from their "testing") means it could make a major impact on DS game sales.

So how did Nintendo respond?

We are keeping a close eye on the products and studying them. But we cannot smash all of them.

And our head is filled with visions of some poor sap, dressed in a Mario costume, trudging through suburbia, knocking on doors and grabbing DSs from those who answer—throwing them on the ground and stomping with vengeance.

The R4 chip is only small - but it looks like a giant pirate to Nintendo [via MCV]


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