Nintendo Churning Out 1.8 Million Wiis Per Month

wiifloor.jpgIn an interview with Next-Gen, Nintendo of America's George Harrison was asked just how many Wiis we can expect to see on the shelf come Christmas time. Despite initially trying the old "well, we won't meet demand" line, George eventually fesses up and dishes with the cold, hard numbers:

I can't give an exact number for November and December. We had to make our final decision on how much to produce each month for the holidays back in the summer. It takes about five months for us to increase the actual monthly rate of production. We're at a rate now worldwide of about 1.8 million Wiis produced every month, and that's going to sustain itself until we get on top of this.

That's a global figure, by the way. 1.8 million. Divide that up amongst North America, Europe, Japan and everywhere else, and you get...oh dear. INTERVIEW: Wii Triumphs in October [Next-Gen]


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