Nintendo Defines Dorky Family Fun

canadianfamilies.jpg Canada? Nice place. Nintendo of Canada? Fine. Nintendo of Canada's new Wii campaign? Meh. Called "Get Up and Play!", it "challenges" Canadian families to, you guessed it, get up and play. So clever. There's a weekend challenge that does things like pits boys vs. girls or kids vs. adults and puts at stake things like "Taking out the garbage and recycling" and "Making lunch for the following week." There are even certificates you can print out and online badges. Things Nintendo of Canada recommends to have on hand:

* Headbands * Wristbands * A ceremonial trophy * Water Bottles filled with ice-cold water * Easy to eat healthy snacks like dried fruit and granola bars * Digital camera to capture all the winning moments

Jeepers! This totally sounds like a gaming tournament that kids won't be up for. Get Up [NoC via Wii Fanboy]


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