Nintendo Denies PR-Induced Wii Shortage Stories

sunmail_small.jpgMaxconsole pointed out that two UK newspapers ran near identical stories...too identical (hit jump for big pic). Identical like...the sub headline is exactly the same: "A shortage of one of the year's is sure to cause tears and tantrums on Christmas morning." The quotes are the same...the exposition is mostly the same. Look, they're the freaking same story, for all intents and purposes.

Maxconsole implied that Nintendo must have fed a press release to the two publications... which, reading between the lines a bit, might imply that Nintendo had not so indirectly written these two news stories. Nintendo has gone on record to state that, despite accusations, their PR did not supply the story to writers.

We are strongly reject and resent the accusation that we are "PR-ing" stock shortages and no press releases are being distributed. We are doing all we can to ensure that the unprecedented demand for Wii can be met as far as possible in the run up to Christmas. This is being done through regular and multiple deliveries of Wii stock to the UK, globally we are working at maximum capacity, producing 1.8 million units of Wii hardware a month to try and meet this demand as far as possible."

So can we believe Nintendo? Probably. Because the story is more likely just shared between these two (or more) publications, similarly to the way AP news functions, showing up in national and local papers alike.

Nintendo: We strongly reject accusations of 'PR-ing' [maxconsole]


    It could be that both publications "obtain" (read: bought) their information from one of the big news groups (eg Reutars). I believe that would explain the similarities between the two articles.

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