Nintendo Has "No Plans" For More Western Talent

geist_225.jpgGame|Life's Chris Kohler recently sat down with Nintendo senior VP George Harrison to chat about the current state of Western development on the Wii and Nintendo DS. Harrison told Game|Life that he was unaware of any plans to bring in developers beyond those already working on Nintendo published software. Nintendo's more recent notable efforts from the West include Retro Studios' Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Mario Strikers Charged. While those games, and their respective series, have performed quite well, as Kohler points out, N-Space's Geist for the Gamecube was a critical disaster for the company.

Harrison stated that the current market leader is instead looking to third parties such as Ubisoft and EA to appeal to non-Japanese gamers. The future plans of Retro are currently unknown, but N-Space was reported to be knee deep in Wii development some 18 months ago.

Nintendo: 'No Plans' To Increase Western Game Development [Game|Life]


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