Nintendo Not Limiting Wii Ware Sizes

wiiwarewrong.jpgEarlier today we directed you to the IGN Wii podcast, which claimed to have details on Nintendo's new Wii Ware games download service. In it they detailed the limitations of the system, specifically that games were limited to 40MB, developers would be limited to a game a month, and that they would be determining the price for there games. Speaking to Eurogamer, Nintendo addresses those claims.

"I can confirm as we originally said at the announcement of the WiiWare service earlier in the year that WiiWare games will come in a range of sizes but we will encourage smaller, more compact games for the service," a Nintendo spokesperson told Eurogamer today.

So no 40MB cap, which makes sense considering games like Crystal Chronicles. The Nintendo spokesperson also explains that the one game a month limit is something they are considering instituting during the launch window to address volume issues, and that no pricing details have been released. In other words, IGN was mistaken.

Man, give a guy a microphone and they just go crazy.

Nintendo refutes WiiWare size cap [Eurogamer]


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