Nintendo Offers Helping Hand To Third-Party Devs?

stubborn.jpgNintendo aren't exactly known for their warm, cuddly relationships with third-party developers on their systems. Something they're changing! Or at least, trying to change, general manager marketing Shinji Hatano saying:

Since we should not be telling these third party developers what they should do in terms of the game content per se, we are offering advice and cooperation in order to produce software which is accessible to users with the least possible stress.

Of course, we can not assign too many of our internal developers for all these projects, so we are asking the third party developers to create their own internal team which can work closely with our developers.

Sounds like minimal work/effort on Nintendo's end. Last I checked, the mountain didn't go to Mohammed, he had to go get there himself. Nintendo keen to help out third-party developers [MCV]


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