Nintendo Says 200 Virtual Console Titles By Year's End

wii_vc_200.jpgDuring Nintendo's presentation at the BMO Capital Markets Conference, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime came armed with the stock slides the company loves to show any chance it gets. Typically, they involved plenty of bar graphs featuring a brightly coloured column towering over every other column that doesn't have the word "Wii" underneath it. One of the slides, publicly presented by a NeoGAF member, shows Nintendo planning for some 200 Virtual Console titles available by the end of the year.

Now, with some 166 VC games already online and with just 8 more Mondays in 2007, that should put us at 190. That's if Nintendo keeps the current three-per-week schedule going. Could the company be planning to up that frequency, now that its got more consoles on board? Is the VC gift giving channel inspiring a faster torrent of old-school releases? Or did someone just mean to type "190+" and got carried away?

Regardless of the reason, we certainly won't be surprised if Nintendo decides that this holiday is the perfect time to start pumping out VC releases like it's going out of style.

Nintendo slides from BMO conference [NeoGAF via Game|Life]


    Thats about 100 more old games worth buying that new wii titles. And yes I do own a wii, it just has a large coat of dust at the moment

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