Nintendo Sold $US 33 Million In VC Titles

wii_vc_sales.jpgAccording to a report from IGN, Nintendo exec Shinji Hatano told those at a recent press conference that the company has distributed some 7.8 million downloads via the Virtual Console service for total sales of 33 million Wii Points. That works out to $US 33 million USD or 3.5 billion yen. Hatano said the figures were "not bad" but was unsure whether they were high or low. The numbers seem a bit low to me, personally, as that averages out to about $US 4.25 US per download, but I'm sure they'll be positioned next to a proudly erect bar chart in a future Nintendo PowerPoint presentation.

I for one welcome our new Nintendo overlords, It prints money, etc., etc.

Virtual Console Numbers Revealed [IGN]


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