Nintendo World Store's Midnight SMG Launch

superlaunch.jpgNintendo is throwing open the doors to it's Nintendo World Store in New York City this Sunday at midnight for the star-studded launch of Super Mario Galaxy. Of course the stars are just the ones in the game, but there'll be plenty of other things to see as you hang out with irresponsible parents and their children in Rockefeller Plaza in the middle of the night. Kiosks will be set up with the game running in it, a DJ will be on hand complete with dancers, and I'm sure cosplay will likely be involved to some extent. They've got a velcro wall people. I don't have to write about this anymore.

You all started ordering plane tickets as soon as you heard about the wall covered with velcro. Good thing I didn't mention the bungie run, or they'd have to call out the riot police. Festivities start at 8PM, though Nintendo cautions that fans will probably start lining up much earlier. Good luck, and godspeed.


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