Nintendo's Reggie On Stage in New York

kotaku_reggie.jpg Right now everyone's favourite video game executive Reggie Fils-Aime is speaking at the Bank of America Capital Markets conference in New York. I'm live blogging his remarks right now, and here's what he's saying:

11:20 AM: Who's hindering us in the marketplace? Not Sony, not Microsoft - not other publishers. Non-consumption is our problem: The people who aren't playing games today. 11:25 AM: He's going to be covering three topics - state of industry from Nintendo perspective, the immediate prospects for the holiday season, and finally a longer-term look at video games and entertainment business changing 11:30 AM: Only 1 in 5 people describe themselves as regular video game players. Twice as many have no interest in playing at all. 40% say I'm interested and I've played games in the past, but there are other things that keep me from really getting into them.

More Reggie goodness after the jump...11:33 AM - The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass sold 250,000 units in just one week. Impressive! 11:34 AM - Talking a lot about the DS's very important to the industry. DS is the primary growth driver for the industry sales. He expects more than 6 M DS units to be sold in the US this year. 11:36 AM - What's the biggest request on bridal registries? According to Reggie: The Wii! 11:37 AM - Big jump in male usage of the Wii this year. 15-29 year-old males. Wii is about the mainstream but also the hardcore! 11:41 AM - How was the Wii impacted by Halo 3 sales? It was our best showing so far this year: Half a million in hardware sales. "For the time being, the man seems bulletproof." Our only problem? Availability! 11:42 AM- We are making 1.8 Million Wii units a month. We are taking consumer scarcity very seriously. 11:44 AM- Pro-tip: The system that has won after the second holiday season in market has already won the console war! 11:45 AM - Super Smash Bros Brawl comes on February 10th. The industry's first blockbuster title of 2008! 4 player Wifi multiplayer. Mario Kart will is coming next year too, including optional steering wheel controller. And Wii Fit/Wii Balance Board coming next year to US. 11:50 AM - Hey Reggie, are you going to give us any details on that September surprise? 11:51 AM - The keys to the future of videogames according to Reggie. 1.) Immersion! The Wii Fit Board, the Wii Zapper, and of course the Wii Remote. 2.) Inclusion/Social Cohesion. It's a dynamic we've seen with Wii Bowling. If Mario and Sonic can share top-billing in a game, anyone can play together! 3.) Innovation. "Our record on this one speaks for itself."

That's it. No big news there — well, besides the fact that the Wii is #1 on Bridal registries! Choice quote from the talk, in reference to the Wii sales in the face of Halo 3: "For the time being, the man seems bulletproof."


    Short version: "we are so totally awesome; just... y'know... making sure you keep that in mind."

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