Nintendo's Website Looks Pretty, Oh So Pretty

nintendonewsite.jpgAs so many of you have seen fit to point out, has gotten a huge overhaul in the past day or so, transforming from a rather cluttered mess into a more neat, orderly mess. Their web weasels have been working overtime to get the new serene blue, white, and grey site tuned up for their multitude of visitors, perhaps tuning it more towards a generic audience than your standard gaming audience.

While the new site isn't without its little quirks, like spacing issues with Firefox that don't occur in IE - the bane of the web developer's existence - it is coming along quite nicely. One might complain about the overabundance of pictures depicting young, clean-cut, well mannered models playing with Nintendo products, but think about it. Would you buy a product with you in the advertisement? I know I wouldn't. - Mintier...Freshier. [Nintendo - Thanks Everyone!]


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