No Wii DVD This Year? OK. Really, It's Fine

wiivdplayer2.jpgNintendo Japan has posted in their site's Q&A section that they will not be releasing a DVD-ready Wii in 2007. They claimed to need to focus on current production to meet worldwide demand (even though such a Wii model would and will have nearly identical hardware.)

But we'll shed no tears over this news. Why anyone would want to play DVDs on their Wii is beyond us. And from the way Nintendo is dragging their feet on the matter, they don't seem to understand the impulse much either.

No Wii DVD in 2007 [via maxconsole]


    *I* really, *really* wish the Wii had a DVD player in it. Why? Because I don't *have* a DVD player. See, I have a computer instead, which does a better job of playing DVDs than any dedicated player I've ever seen: no region locking, doesn't force me to read those damn copyright warnings, and when I pop a disc in, it skips straight to the content itself.

    That said, I recently moved, and my compy is now in a different room to the TV; about 13 meters away. I still need to figure out how to run a cable from my computer's TV-out to the TV, but that won't solve the problem of not being able to control it from the lounge.

    This would all be so much simpler if the Wii would just play damn DVDs. That's not so much to ask for, is it?

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