Nobody Knows When Dragon Quest IX's Coming Out

dqix.jpgDragon Quest IX is a pretty big game for Square. It's the next proper Dragon Quest, and it's on the money-printing DS. You'd think they want to take their time with it, avoid rushing it, make sure its perfect. And you'd be dead right. At a shareholders meeting today, nobody at Square Enix could confirm, or even hazard a guess, at when it's coming, only that it's due in 2008. Could be January, could be December. Could even be January 2009. Oh, don't give me those sad puppy eyes, DQ fans. You know better than anyone how Squeenix roll. 『ドラゴンクエストIX』の発売日は決めていない。まだ粘っている [Game Watch, via Game|Life]


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