Not Enough Rock Band To Go Around?

raincheck.jpgGot a ton of emails today concerning Rock Band. All of them from either customers, or employees, of Best Buy. All tell a very, very similar story: that there's just not enough copies of Rock Band to go around. One reader attending a midnight launch let us know that his local store's (Florence, Kentucky) entire shipment was a no-show. Another, at the Columbus, Ohio midnight opening, was given a rain check despite being the very first person in line (he wanted a 360 bundle but the store only received two PS3 copies). Same for Minneapolis. We also got an email from a Best Buy employee, letting us know that no staff at his store are allowed to purchase a Rock Band bundle from the company until January 08. As of now we're obviously only hearing this stuff in connection with Best Buy (and obviously not all of them), so those with pre-orders anywhere else, breathe deeply with me. You might/should be OK. Those intent on shopping at Best Buy, though, consider yourselves warned, and prepare for any and all shades of disappointment.


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