Not So Excited For Monster Hunter 3 Wii?

famitsu1026.jpg It was assumed that Monster Hunter 3 was going to be a PS3 title. Then something happened, and the eagerly awaited game ended up as a Wii title. That we know. Kotaku reader and Kotaku Tokyo Party attendee Matt points out something interesting: MH 3 was ranked higher on Famitsu's Most Wanted charts as a PS3 title. (The "Most Wanted" chart tracks upcoming games that are, well, wanted by gamers.) The PS3 version was listed as the sixth most desirable upcoming game. This data was collected between September 4th and October 4th. The Wii version was announced and for the next two issues, Monster Hunter 3 was not charted. The game then popped up again based on data collected between October 19th and October 25th. MH3 for the Wii came in at twenty-first place. But don't worry! Monster Hunter will totally do great on the Wii. The question is: Would it have done better on the PS3?

famitsu1116.jpg Thanks Matt for the scans and tip!


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