NPD Surprised At Backlash, Hate VGChartz Real Bad

nodlogo.jpgNPD's decision to re-yank the public availability of their hardware numbers has upset people. Like me! All morning I've tasted naught but salt as tears flowed, unchecked, down my sullen cheeks. It's upset a lot of other people too. Where will trolling fanboys, for example, get their monthly dosage of troll juice? Other more sensible types will wonder just why simple figures like sales data, which are readily and freely available for almost every major product/medium, are being restricted. All of which is news to NPD! PR representative David Riley:

I had no idea this would be so ill-received. Honestly, I know this sounds ignorant but I really was taken aback when I started hearing/reading about this. It was unexpected.

So they had no idea the restriction of information would upset people. Amazing! Almost as amazing as the tirade Riley then launches into against what can only be popular sales-forecasting website VGChartz.

Regarding rogue sites that actively use existing data from market research firms, combine that data with estimates and then claim the data as their own — it's true I'm no fan of sociopathic behaviour and, as such, have real issues with sites like these but this has nothing to do with the change, either. The best way to approach this issue is to let the industry police it, or to simply wait and let the truth come out in the end. It always does.

Little cranky there, David? Maybe you should look at why VGChartz are so popular. Then look at what NPD just did. Within, you may find answers that will calm your troubled soul.

NPD Group Responds to Gamer Outcry [1UP]


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