NVIDIA Pumps Out New Beta Crysis Drivers. Again.

nvidialogo.jpgAnother beta driver. For Crysis. I know – you’ve seen it all before.

But wait! This one’s special. The latest set, sporting the semi-naughty version number of 169.09, has this interesting statement in its release notes:

Recommended driver for Crysis.

Has NVIDIA caressed as much performance as it can from its drivers for Crysis, or is this simply the standard disclaimer it’d attach to any new driver release around the time of a major game launch?

My bet is on the latter. Regardless, a few extra frames is nothing to sneeze at when faced with a game as demanding as Crytek’s finest, so download these babies if a GeForce 6, 7 or 8 card calls your PC home.

ForceWare Release 169 [NVIDIA via Blue’s News]


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