Obsidian's Avellone Explains Game Development, Visually

contracts2.jpg So, you guys might know Obsidian's Chris Avellone as one of the designers behind Fallout 2 and Planescape Torment. But it turns out he also has another talent that's well worth checking out - he does rather hilarious game development-related cartoons on his MySpace blog.

One of his latest posts shows off the illustrations he did for Schizoid developer Bill Dugan's talk on developer-publisher relations at the recent IGDA Leadership Forum in San Francisco.

Turns out they're funny, pungent illustrations (including a swearword or too, warning) of how those pesky publishers and developers fight like dogs and cats living together - resulting in mass hysteria.

Torpex IGDA speech illustrations [Avellone's MySpace Blog.]


    An Obsidian staff member talking about game developement? Next they'll ask Jack Thompson to talk about the merits of MMORPGs.

    Valve's game development process:

    1) Make piece of game
    2) Playtest
    3) Repeat until awesome


    1) Roughly sketch out most of the game
    2) Release
    3) Eventually get around to fixing bits and pieces of game after customers playtest

    Obsidian couldn't release a polished game if you handed them Portal's Gold disc and asked them to take it down the street to the replicators, honestly... Mask of the Betrayer broken NWN2's original campaign out of the box!!!

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