Ocarina Of Time Deposes Imposter, Reclaims Throne Atop A Mountain Of Skulls

oot.jpgIt was big news when we heard Mario Galaxy had overtaken Ocarina of Time as the #1-rated game of ALL TIME over at Gamerankings. That was a record that had stood for a long, long time. And, unless you want to be a prick about it, is still standing: Ocarina of Time has reclaimed the top position. Seems not everyone was done reviewing Mario Galaxy, and when a couple more scores trickled through the gates that weren't up to the other's standards, it dropped Mario to #2. I know that was enough to cancel my pre-order (Aus release date: Nov 29). Who wants the second-best game of all time? Not me, that's for sure.

Nintendo Wars: Ocarina of Time Strikes Back [Go Nintendo]


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