October Software Sales Predicted Up 50%

pachterkickinit.jpgMichael "Mad Hoodie" Pachter is calling it again. This time, he's predicting the NPD to announce that software sales have increased 50% from October of last year. In hard numbers that means he's calling October 2007 to have $US 555 million ins sales, up from $US 369 million October 2006. The even better news is that most of this $US 555 million would be new money, with $US 425 million of it from 360, PS3, Wii, PSP and the DS. But the juiced-up numbers will mostly be attributed to one game...place your bets now...

Guitar Hero III. Guess correctly? We hope so. Because we told you before and, apparently, there will be a quiz. Analyst: October Software Sales Up 50% [nextgeneration]


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