Official Word On Target Manhunt 2 Ban

targetban.jpgA couple of days ago the rumours started popping up: Target was pulling Manhunt 2 from store shelves across the country. Now GameSpot (must not type GameStop) has the official word from the company on the reasoning behind the ban.

"Target strives to provide merchandise that will appeal to a wide variety of guests. We also want guests to be comfortable with the purchasing decisions they make at Target. All video games and computer software sold at Target currently carry ratings by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB)—from early childhood through mature audiences. While Manhunt 2 was given a Mature rating by the ERSB, we received additional information that players can potentially view previously filtered content by altering the game code. As a result, we have decided not to carry the game."

Note that I am no longer finding the game on Target's web site either, but they do still sell the guide in case you suck that badly.

Target pulls Manhunt 2 from shelves? [GameSpot]


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