OFLC Happy With New Soldier Of Fortune: Payback

OFLC Happy With New Soldier Of Fortune: Payback

ma15.jpgMid last month, we heard the news that Activision had pushed the Australian release of Soldier of Fortune: Payback to 2008.

Then, a mere four days later, the OFLC refused the title classification, effectively preventing its sale in the country.

Today, Activision has let us know that a reworked version submitted to the OFLC has been granted a perfectly alright MA 15+ rating. Which means it should be on track for its release next year.

According to the publisher, the tweaked version has reduced ragdoll physics and blood effects, and no dismemberment.

You can read the whole shebang after the jump.

Sydney, Australia – Nov 22, 2007 ” Australian gamers will soon be able to battle through some of the world’s most dangerous hotspots as a revised version of Soldier of Fortune® Payback has been granted classification by the Office of Film and Literature Classification. This revised version has been classified as MA 15+ (Strong violence, Coarse language and sexual references) and meets the rating requirements as stated by the OFLC.

Soldier of Fortune Payback thrusts players into adrenaline-pumping mercenary combat action after a routine escort mission goes horribly wrong. The game evolves the signature gameplay of its predecessors with refined controls, tension-packed warzones, and an enemy damage system that may be shocking even to experienced FPS players.

Players are armed with an impressive arsenal of more than 30 weapons, including sub-machine guns, assault rifles, and projectile explosives, as they hunt down an insidious enemy that respects neither laws, nations, nor armies. The game also offers individual and team based online modes including: Death Match, Team Death Match, Elimination, Team Elimination, Capture the Flag and Demolition.

Soldier of Fortune Payback will be available early 2008 for the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft for a suggested retail price of $79.95, the PC for $49.95 and the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system for $89.95.
For more information visit http://www.mercenarieswanted.com/


  • I really don’t know why they bothered – the game isn’t that good. I was a big SoF1/2 fan, but this game was very very ordinary. The OFLC was doing us a favour by not letting it be sold in Aus.

  • Isn’t dismemberment the whole point of these games? From what I recall the SoF games were pretty bog-standard shooters, with the only thing setting them apart being the locational damage model and the ability to blow people’s limbs off. Why were the previous two in the series allowed to be released with that intact? Aside from way that the OFLC seems to just draw ratings out of a hat at times, of course.

  • First 2 SoF’s were brilliant. this one is craptastic… and now its gonna be even worse. its made by Activisions “budget” department…

  • KORWIN hopefully theres a patch, if enough people enjoy the lame version of the game they’ll be able to make it just like everyone elses soon enough?!


    It could be a case such as that of uncharted in Japan. Its not a matter of where the game was purchased but the console, well, in the ps3 case anyway. Hopefully things like that don’t become a trend though. I would be a very unhappy camper if it were so.

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