Omega Five Is Xbox 360 Exclusive… For Now

Omega Five Is Xbox 360 Exclusive… For Now

omega_five_01.jpg Hudson’s Omega Five isn’t sorta great, it’s really great. And by “really great,” we mean really great. At TGS, we played the crap outta it and are very much looking forward to downloading it. Gamasutra’s Brandon Sheffield has posted a Q&A with Hudson director Daisuke Sato. Hudson is publishing, but Natsume (Wild Guns, Harvest Moon) developed the game with a small five person team. That, however, is not why the game is called Omega Five. Doh! Sheffield asks Sato if the game is an Xbox 360 exclusive:

Q). Do you have any plans to bring Omega 5 to PlayStation’s PSN?

A). Not at present, no.

Q). Any particular reasons why not?

A). The specs of the respective hardware were one reason. We also determined that certain aspects of the development would be easier using the 360. The project was conceived of first for the 360, and we kept it exclusive to keep the development team small.

Oh, so it’s a 360 exclusive, right? Not so fast…

Q). Natsume has a long history of working with publisher Marvelous Interactive. Why the switch to Hudson this time?

A). For one, Hudson is very well established outside of Japan. They would also be able to help us take the game multi-platform if we ever decide to pursue that.

So, Omega Five, Xbox 360 exclusive. For the time being. That seems to sum up this generation nicely, doesn’t it?
Sato Interview [Gamasutra]

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