One Of Our Cakes Is Missing

To: Ash From: Simon

Wow, the Japanese fingerprinting laws you were talking about for foreigners sound a little Gilliam-esque. I expect to see Robert DeNiro turning up as an outlaw plumbing operative any second to set you free.

Apart from cultivating a cold today, we've been doing fun things here at the Game Developer/Gamasutra offices, including but not limited to:

- collectively eating our version of Sony's PS3 first birthday cake. What this means? We will positively review any cakes that Sony releases for the PlayStation 3 in the next few months.

- finishing up the December 2007 issue of Game Developer magazine for, uh, game developers, which features a fun article on Korean microtransactions, as well as a postmortem of 5th Cell's DS sketch-em-up Drawn To Life. Well, when I say _I_ was finishing it, I mainly scrawled on some pages someone handed me. Delegation for the win!

What you missed today:

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