Oniblade Is Russian Anime Goodness

I don't think we've ever actually touched on the PC action RPG Oniblade in these pages before, and from what I see in this clip, that's a real shame. Looking at the game you'd immediately think of some Japanese studio, but the game is actually the creation of Russian developer Gaijin Entertainment, who are big fans of anime and wanted to create a game using that style. Sure, the heroine's clothing could use a bit more...clothing, but otherwise I am really loving the art style they've put together. The heroine is a treasure hunter who wields dual gunblades and transforms into a demon, which pretty much steals from every popular Japanese game ever created, but it's so gorgeous! Oniblade will be coming to the PC eventually. Hit up the official page below to learn more.

Oniblade Home Page [Gaijin Entertainment]


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