Onimusha Plot Revealed, Shoehorns In Some White Folk

onimusha_plot.jpgVideo game film adaptations are generally poorly received, but the upcoming Hollywood transformation of Capcom's Onimusha seemed to be on the right track. When the production announced the wise casting of Takeshi Kaneshiro as lead demon slayer in Christophe Gans adaptation, I wondered "When's some clueless executive going to come around and fuck this thing up the right way?" Well, we may have an answer. The upcoming plot of Onimusha the movie has been revealed.Sure, the Onimusha series is no stranger to throwing in an out of place European or two, rather unexpectedly, but this just smacks of icky casting to up the white people quotient. Here's a snippet.

When Britta, the daughter of a Dutch merchant, is abducted on board a ship by seemingly invincible warriors, her tutor and confidant Jacob pursues her captors, vowing to rescue her at all costs. Meanwhile, the beautiful Princess Yuki is also kidnapped, this time by ninjas that reveal themselves, incredibly, to be part spider. In search of Yuki, Samanosuke joins forces with Jacob to vanquish their common foe.

I can only assume that the listing of Samanosuke and Yuki's existence in the plot line as secondary is indicative of the importance of their roles in the story. Since Gans churned out such a sloppy Silent Hill adaptation, I don't really have much in the way of faith for Onimusha. That's probably a good thing, since my attachment to Onimusha isn't nearly as strong as Silent Hill. More details on the film's outline are at Coming Soon.

The Story for Christophe Gans' Onimusha [Coming Soon]


    Aww man. We need a modern day samurai flick where people yell the main character's name. I remember playing Onimusha and every time someone said 'Samanosuke' it felt like they were channeling Toshiro Mifune.


    The screenwriters behind the Onimusha movie made a shit script so the producers and the production team need to rewrite the script to follow the first Onimusha game.
    Onimusha will be filmed in Japan there will be some couple of Asian screenwriters to help co-write the script for the film.
    Thank You.

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