Orange Box On PS3? Broken

portalwall.jpgPS3 owners, you should have seen the warning signs. First one: that this is a multi-platform release being ported to the PS3. Uh-oh. Second one: that said PS3 version's been delayed while PC and 360 owners have been blowing up Striders and over-using cake jokes to within an inch of their life. So it should be little/no surprise that when 1UP got their hands on the PS3 version of The Orange Box, they found it... largely awful. So awful, in fact, at times it was "downright unplayable". Chief culprit are the framerates in the three HL2 releases, particularly in outdoor/vehicle sections, which at times slows to a single-digits crawl. Ungh. You'll not kill any Combine at 9FPS, Gordon. On the bright side, though, Portal seems fine! Previews: Half-Life 2: OB [1UP]


    I don't understand why everything is going the wrong direction on ps3? Perhaps those game developers should pull their fingers out to make things better next time. First Pes2008 then Orange box, those bloody frame rate problems are really annoying! I am gutted.

    Yeah!! I bought the ps3 game fear clocked it at like 20-22 fps ?! !!! then returned it immediately!! BULLSHIT. how can everyone just tolerate this nonsense!!!!! (oh and if fears been patched, ignore me!)

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