Our $US 3,000 Computer Contest WInner

blacksitecomputerswinner.jpg Whew! What. A. Contest. For those who missed it, we were giving away a BlackSite: Area 51 Alienware computer and loot. There was public shaming, an apology, fuckin' stormtroppers and luchadors. At the end of this long, long road there was a Quick Draw — where it's not only important to be quick, but also accurate. The question was:

Congrats on making it this far! Now, to ensure that we get a totally deserving winner, we've created this Quick Draw. Basically, the first person who can answer *correctly* what we ask, wins the computer. The others, well, you loose. Here's the question. Rather, here are the questions. Well, not here. But there. Yes, right down there, below this. So! If you are still reading this, you are probably wasting valuable time. Stop reading this and get on the question. ASAP!! 1). How many posts did Michael Fahey write in his first month at Kotaku? How many posts did Luke Plunkett write in his first month at Kotaku? Be sure to include the number of posts both editors wrote during that month *and* links to those posts.

Good luck! The clock is ticking away.

This was not a trick question. Some of the finalists fired back answers within minutes. Literally. Those were wrong. When they realised they were wrong, they sent new answers. Those weren't counted. This was a one bullet Quick Draw! Others sent in answers, but they were incorrect. We finally got the correct answers: Fahey (118 posts) and Luke (120 posts). The winner? dantemustdie. He's been to Hell and back to win this computer and came out clean in the end. Truly a deserving winner! Congrats dantemustdie. Shoot us an email so we can get you your loot!


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