Our Computer Contest Answers (Bring the Hate!)

blacksitecomputerschwaglanswers.jpg Some of you might have found this contest "easy." It's only easy if you don't take into consideration that you're playing for a pricey computer. If you think about that, then you realize: This contest was very hard. Remember at the beginning of this contest, when we said this was "sadistic"? We weren't joking. Heck, anyone who entered our PS3 contest can tell you that! It was. So feel free to hate us, but you knew what you were getting into. (And trust me, the finalists will have it bad, too.) We've put the answers after the jump for you to compare — dashing your dreams or inflating them. Onward!

1). http://kotaku.com/gaming/halo/fancy-gold+tinted-wearable-halo-helmet-315472.php

2). http://kotaku.com/gaming/hot-tears-of-shame/pikachus-lady-business-exposed-311665.php

3). http://kotaku.com/gaming/prize/japanese-dude-wins-100-xbox-360-games-309574.php 93 disc-based games 7 Xbox LIVE Arcade titles 100 games total

4). http://kotaku.com/gaming/notag/leave-luck-to-heaven-tattoo-307339.php#c2567325

5). http://kotaku.com/gaming/tgs07/attack-of-the-clones-and-ash-303218.php They marched with eight stormtroopers.

6). http://kotaku.com/gaming/tgs07/docomo-cellphone-bowling-302751.php Sprit

7). http://kotaku.com/gaming/swag/obligatory-picture-of-a-bag-296519.php IBM

8). http://kotaku.com/gaming/gc07/pony-friends-more-mature-more-gruesome-than-originally-thought-292495.php Grenades

9). http://kotaku.com/gaming/entertain-friends-and-family/make-your-own-atari-2600-labels-288022.php Fuckin' Birds

10). http://kotaku.com/gaming/contest/ps3-contest-the-answers-249042.php 16 cone hats

That last one was a MAJOR HINT. There were 8 stormtroppers — not 13, 9, 6 or 7 or 7.2 or 7-but-maybe-8-I'm-not-sure. There were eight in that clip. For those of you who found clips elsewhere, you're eagerness is appreciated, but wrong. And for those bitching and moaning about that stormtropper sliver, here's the logic: If Han Solo shot that stormtropper sliver with a blaster, you'd say he shot a stormtrooper. Over 25 percent of our contestants got this correct (but loads of them fucked up elsewhere). All those people probably miscounted cone hats! So, if you said eight, chances are your chances are good to be picked by Mini-Bash. Those lucky 13 will be notified throughout the day. Don't ask me if you were picked unless you totally want me to hate you. Like some of you hate me right now.

SLIVER.jpg Plunkett offered up this funny: "You look pretty sliver for a stormtrooper."


    Woah, I got them all right. Even the sliver! Crazy.

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