Our Favorite Japanese Xbox 360 Fanboy's New Hairdo

giantjamzyface.jpg Holy crap! Our favourite Japanese Xbox 360 fanboy and Famitsu writer has cut his hair again. Last we saw him he had a Halo 3 logo shaved into the side of his noggin. That's nothing, and this time he is so not fucking around. This time, he's gotten four, count 'em four, designs etched into his scalp. His head is a game billboard! Here's the rundown: In the front, he got a 3D Xbox 360 iconic logo. A simple "X" is shaved on the back of his head. The side of his head is a Garuda team logo Ace Combat 6 and the opposite side is from the Assassin's Creed logo. Total time for these creations: Four hours. You know, Jamzy isn't only the most entertaining game journalist in Japan at the moment, but probably on our spinning blue planet known as Earth.

Us, we're really hoping gaming haircuts will take off as the next big thing. Game tattoos are so, you know, permanent. Hair grows back — that is, unless you are bald!


Jamzy's New Hair [Famitsu 360 PSYCHO!!]


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