Our Favorite Microsoft Fanboy Replies to Kotaku

Our Favorite Microsoft Fanboy Replies to Kotaku

jamzyreplies.jpg Sometimes we forget that people besides our mothers actually read Kotaku. But, apparently they do! Like our new favourite Microsoft fanboy Jamzy, he reads the site — or rather, his friend does. When his buddy congratulated Jamzy for this post, his reaction was “That’s so wwww that, of all things?! w” As the Ws indicate, Jamzy genuinely seemed tickled pink green by it. He even translated the entire post, line-by-line for the Famitsu readers *and* some of Kotakuland’s comments. To top it off, he wrote Luke and Kotaku a note. It reads:

Dear Luke and kotaku Members.
This is Jamzy.
Thanks for introducing me and my weblog on your site.
And now you guys visit my place, huh?
Thanks anyway.
In fact, I…no my head already got reserved for next design.
Don’t missi it, haha.
Alright, I got a go.
Got Jump into my Xbox and hung out with my Friends, man.
C U then, take care yourself.


BAD ASS. No Jamzy, thank you. And your next hairdo? Can’t wait.

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