Our First Guest Editor

To: Geoff From: Ashcraft


With Crecente in Australia on vacation, we're happy to have you on the S.S. Kotaku for the week! Just know, the hamster that powers the Kotaku thunderdome started acting up last night. Meaning? Posts weren't going up when they were supposed to. Tech problems right after Crecente leaves? Chalk that up to him being genetically glued to the site. He being separated from Kotaku 'causes the place to come apart at the seams. Also, I've been feeling shitty all day and think I'm getting ill. Hooray!

Enjoy you're first day guest editing! Fahey will be around to answer questions and what not in the morning. Mark will be around, too. McWhertor comes in the evening. He'll bring impeccable grammar with him. Luke and I will be back in the evening. To, you know, bust shit up and all.

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