Our Internet Friends (And Not-Friends!)

philfeet.jpgReal friends suck. We never listen to their whining, they never call, it all gets a bit messy. But internet friends? That's where it's at. To prove this, for the past couple of weeks, we've all hit up a certain popular social networking website and asked everyone we can think of if they'll be our internet friends. Developers, platform executives, gaming journalists, the works. How'd it go? Everyone's friendly on the internet! From senior Microsoft executives to Sony PR to noted development studio heads, Kotaku Towers are now virtually chummy (remember, we're so over being actually chummy) with a whole bunch of lovely industry types. In fact, only one person has rejected our outstretched hand of friendship. One.

Phil Harrison.

What's the deal, Phil? Why no internet friends love? We thought we were pals. We thought you liked us. We like you. Especially your magnificent shoes.

You're not still creeped out, are you? Come on, it's just internet friends. We can't steal your DNA over the internets. Everything's cool.


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