Oz Assassin’s Creed Delayed? [Update]

Oz Assassin’s Creed Delayed? [Update]
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ACbeam.jpgTipster MercSal, who happens to work in games retail, sends word that Assassin’s Creed has been pushed back to the 21st in Australia. I’m in the process of contacting Ubisoft to confirm.

Mind you, it doesn’t help that I happened to spy some delay speculation over on the Atomic forums.

With an original release date of the 16th, this delay would add an extra week to our wait for Ubisoft Montreal’s utterly amazing third-person action title.

Remember, this is currently just a rumour… SO DON’T PANIC. I’ll let you know as soon as I have more info.

Update: Ubisoft’s Oz office has confirmed that Assassin’s Creed has been delayed. Here’s the statement going out to retailers:

Due to manufacturing and freight difficulties during this time of year, Ubisoft Australia & New Zealand were unable to receive their full allocation of Assassins Creed stock required to fulfill all Day One orders.

In an effort to treat all retailers and consumers fairly, Ubisoft will wait until the balance of stock is received in our warehouse before we ship the game. The new street date for Assassin’s Creed on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will be Wednesday 21st November. Please ensure that your stores are aware of this development so they can correctly answer any customer enquiries they may receive.

Ubisoft sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this delay has caused to your staff and customers.

For our international readers, please note that this affects Australia and New Zealand only.


  • yeah i know the feeling…

    even more so since the ubisoft rep promised me –
    PROMISED ME!!! – it would be out. DAMN YOU WOMAN FROM SEE3… DAMN YOU

  • @KORWIN – simple, write a bot to play one of the games and casually watch it as you play the other.
    That’s how I play WoW and manage to find time with my 360 😛

  • Delayed is a word that appears way too much for aussie gamers, i reckon we should try and come up with a prettier name for it so its not such a kick in the face. Assassins creed is currently taking the aussie values test and will be with you soon.

  • This is complete unadulterated bullshit. We get screwed on the special edition. We get screwed on the release day – when the hell are publishers going to realize that the Australian gaming public is just as important as the other countries? Screw this – lets all just buy Mass Effect in protest! (And yes I know that we’ve gotten screwed out of the collectors edition of Mass Effect – but the release date is still the same – Bioware > Ubisoft)

  • @Tom – I believe the phrase that describes it is MANDATORY DETENTION…

    We’re lucky we’re getting it when we are… normally it’s a 3 year wait, and even then, they may deport the PC version…

  • Seriously guys : we’re too busy with shrimps on the barbie and drinking forsters to worry about game delays. STREWTH!

    I’ve still got Orange Box, COD4 Multiplayer and GH3 keeping me busy atm anyways … my wallet is sore.

  • Hah yeah, doesnt help either when EB dont contact you about release dates either!!! Damn Time Shift, but Crysis eases the pain till assisins creed arrives!

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