Pachter Predicts Pair Of Guitar Hero Expansions In 2008

nostradamus.jpgWedbush Morgan analyst and all-powerful seer Michael Pachter has weighed in on the future of Guitar Hero. He and his analyst buddies are receiving messages from the ether that tell them the franchise will move over 7 million copies in 2007, dropping to 6.3 million the following year. How will Activision and Red Octane keep pace? By issuing a pair of expansion packs!

The spirit world gave no indication what those expansion may be, according to Gamespot's account, but several hints have been dropped over the past year. Rumors of an Aerosmith dominated sequel were bandied about this fall, with hints of multiple themed discs whispered long before that. While lofty plans for a half-dozen Guitar Hero collections in 2007 didn't come to fruition, those discs dedicated to Country and Metal genres may still be in the works.

Analyst: Guitar Hero series to sell 7M in '07, two expansions coming [Gamespot]


    Michael Pachter is a man in a business suit! Nothing more! Tosser! I bet he plays 1/10th of the game's I do. Wow did he get his boyscout henchmen to do a video gamer survey on future predictions? I hate hearing about this man, MTV hired him on gametrailers and he gained critical mass ? ... HELP!

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