Pac-Man's Power Pills 'Pparently Pirated

pmann.jpg OK, that's 'apparently' up in the headline, but the alliteration trip wouldn't let me spell it any other way.

In any case, smart arcade info site Arcade Renaissance has spotted a new lawsuit against an Illinois-based arcade game distributor for making Pac-Man arcade cabinets without their permission:

The suit claims that Eagle Distributing is currently in violation of Namco Bandai's properties through the sale of unauthorised and counterfeit products without authorisation from the company. These products include their GameboX Multi-arcade systems and Ms. Pac-Man and More Cocktail and Upright cabinets. The lawsuit seeks damages, right of seizure, and a stop to any further violations from Eagle Distributing.

If nothing else, it's a testament to Pac-Man creator Toru Iwatani's genius that companies are still pirating the game, more than 25 years after its 1980 debut.

Namco Bandai announces a lawsuit against Eagle Distributing [Arcade Renaissance]


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