PAL Users May Get Uncharted Demo After All

PAL Users May Get Uncharted Demo After All

uncharted_psn_demo.jpgThere’s a big maybe on it though. Both Sony and Naughty Dog are fully aware of the situation, and our cries of anguish have not gone unheard. Sam Thompson, the producer on Uncharted, posted the following on the Playstation blog:

As you may already know, North America is the first region to launch Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (Monday, November 19th), and we wanted to be sure that we gave our North American PS3 players the opportunity to try out the demo prior to launch. Other territories are currently putting the finishing touches on the localization aspects of the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune demo, and will release it in their respective PlayStation Stores in due course.

Unfortunately when attempting to download the demo, our friends in PAL regions or Japan may have encountered a bug in which you are asked to insert a disc. Please ignore this prompt and accept our apologies.

He then added the following as a comment (and curiously not as an addendum to the original post):

We hear you loud and clear. Wanted to chime in here and let you know that we have shared your frustration with the Naughty Dog team and we are going to see what we can do. I will be back tomorrow with an update, but in the meantime I hope you can be patient and bear with us. As you have learned through communicating with Evan and Amy on the blog, Naughty Dog is a studio that listens to gamers, so I hope to have good news for you soon.

Even if something is worked out, it may involve downloading another 1.2GB. That’s a bitter pill in anyone’s books.

Note that Kotaku in the US simply had this as an update to the original story. I thought it was worth a bit more attention.

Yes, The Uncharted Demo Is Region Locked [Kotaku]


  • Good news everybody!

    Looks like I may not have to delete that 1.2GB after all. I will allow it to lurk on my hard drive a little while longer that is until that fist-sized, bitter suppository of 1.2GB returns.

    Still, I’ve heard fantastic reports in regards to the demo, and all the while I’ve been at work. It’s a hard job but someone has to do it…

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