PC PlayStation Store Goes Live, Brings New PSP Games

playstation_store_pc.jpgThe PlayStation Store for those without a PlayStation 3, announced at the Tokyo Game Show, went live today, awash with PSP-specific content, including full fledged games, demos for upcoming releases, PSone classics, videos and more. It lets PSP owners purchase and download content via their PCs and transfer them to the PlayStation Portable. Three PSP games, WipEout Pure, Gangs of London and Syphon Filter: Combat Ops are available for download from $US 9.99 to $US 14.99. Those three are joined fifteen original PlayStation games, matching the library of titles available through the PlayStation 3 version of the Store.

In addition to these games, trailers and demos for PSP software releases are also ready for download and include SOCOM Tactical Strike and Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow. Interestingly, Sony has also added a trailer for Beats, the as-yet unannounced music game that sounds very similar to Harmonix's iPod game Phase.

There are also plenty of wallpapers, themes and trailers for upcoming PSP and PS3 games. They even have the Classy Pink theme, a perfect match for your femme PS3.

PlayStation Store


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