PCs Are "Always Better"

932582334_e17dfcc421.jpg Consoles or PCs? Quick, where do you stand. Crytek art director Michael Khaimzon is a PC guy and for good reason. He explains:

My opinion on them in comparison to the PC is that I think the PC is always better. Because the PC you can do so many things with, and the console is just there for the gaming... You cannot create characters on a console — you can't run a 3D program from one, as far as I know. You can't play certain strategy games on a console well, like Total Annihilation for example, or at least I haven't seen one, I think it's limiting to certain types of games.

Sure, it's common knowledge that PCs are way more powerful than consoles. They're also way more expensive. You get what you pay for!

PCs Better [Games Industry][Image]


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