Perception and JoWood Do Legal Dance. Again

sg1alliance.jpgYou may remember some time ago that Australian developer Perception was working on a game based on the Stargate SG-1 franchise. The title was to be published by JoWood.

However, in late 2005, JoWood decided to pull the plug. According to the publisher, it was unhappy with both the quality and speed of Perception’s work. Perception quickly filed charges of defamation against Albert Seidl, the company’s CEO. As far as I’m aware, those proceedings are ongoing.

Now Perception is after damages, in the order of €8 million. Going by the official statement from Perception, if it wins the case, the payout could destroy JoWood.

Press release after the jump.

Perception [Official site, via Sumea]

Sydney, Australia, November 19th, 2007: Perception Pty Ltd and associated parties wish to announce that they have instructed legal counsel to issue legal proceedings in the Australian Supreme Court against JoWooD Productions AG, an Austrian video games publisher, for damages in excess of EUR 8,000,000. These proceedings will be filed imminently.

“We are confident that the outcome of the trial will result in a satisfactory result for Perception. Legal advice received in Austria and Australia confirms that any judgement granted against JoWooD in an Australian court is enforceable in Austria ,” stated Perception’s CEO, Ben Lenzo
“Perception does not bring about this action lightly, as we know this will destroy shareholders’ equity. However, after negotiating with the Supervisory board and Management board for the last 2 years, they have shown no desire to protect shareholders.”

This civil action against JoWooD is completely separate from the criminal libel proceedings Perception issued against JoWooD CEO, Dr Albert Seidl in September 2005. That matter is still before the courts.

About Perception: Perception is a Media Entertainment Company working in the games, film and television space. The company and it partners are currently working on a licensed video game for the Wii, PS2, PC and Nintendo DS platforms as well as pre production on an animated television series & Sony PSP game, due to be announced in early 2008. The company is looking at taking advantage of modern distribution and development platforms such as downloadable content, 3G Mobile technology, iTunes type distribution systems and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV).


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