Piss-Controlled Racing Game Shut Down By Cops

belgpee.jpgPiss Screen, of which we've spoken previously, has been shut down at a games show by Belgian police (a little while ago, yes, but news from the urinal gaming scene travels slowly). The game showed up for display at Belgium's GamePower Expo, in Gent, but once there police believed the game to be "indecent" and had it removed. Despite the whole point of the thing being to discourage/prevent people from drink-driving. Ah well. Looks like it's back to care-free games of "don't cross the streams!" for the men of Belgium, then. Urinal game banned by killjoy Belgium police [Engadget, via GamePolitics]


    Probably for the best. I could only imagine that they would create a (more) piss coovered floor.

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