Place Your Bets On Holiday Bestsellers...Literally

chips4.jpgIrish gambling site Paddy Power is taking bets on which video game will come out on top the week before Christmas (ending November 22nd). While most Kotaku readers surely know gaming so well that it's almost cheating, betting is off limits to US residents. Still, we had a good time looking through the odds. The site currently favours Need for Speed ProStreet 11-10—in their eyes, it's pretty much a sure thing. Fifa 08 comes in second at 2-1 and The SImpsons game is third at 3-1. (All listings appear to be cross platform). The best odds on the list? Balloon Pop. Yup, 250:1 on that longshot...which trust us, isn't even worth the 50-cent bet you have in mind. And that 50 Cent album that just streamed into your consciousness? Also worth ignoring.

No.1 Christmas video game? [via gamelife]


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