Plantronics Competition Winners

Audio770.jpgMorning, sports fans.

Actually, going by last week’s competition to give away two sets of Plantronics’ .Audio 770s, we’re all headphone fans. Nothing wrong with that, I say.

To win, all you had to do was post a cool comment on any story. Considering the high levels of creativity out there, we had a great response. Which made it hard to pick just two winners.

Yet, we came to a decision. Two decisions – both of which you can read after the jump.Camb3h
It wasn’t any particular post from Camb3h that stood out, because they were all good. Every single one of them. And there were plenty. For the doubters out there, here’s a sampling:

Assassin’s Creed or Super Mario Galaxy?

Why couldn’t they have worked together and created the ultimate game:
Assassin’s Galaxy – This summer travel the starts to discover the 9 crusader planets and destroy their leaders. Blend in with the crowds by posing as a bee or a ghost and collect all the stars to complete your goal!

I’d play it.

Libo… well Libo wrote an epic. A funny, entertaining epic. He also wrote it twice. I want to apologise to Libo on behalf of the Kotaku AU commenting system, which apparently ate his perfectly-crafted original. Personally, I think it was a blessing in disguise, judging by his second effort.

Question Time: Games You Thought You’d Hate, But Didn’t

Oh drat. I had typed up a good 5 paragraphs talking about this Naruto installment and then the page refreshed at random, what a drag. To keep it very short, I didn’t like it. Fighting system too shallow, very repetetive, lacks variety, Narutimate series spoiled me, graphics is the only thing going for it, etc.

Now, I’ll talk about a game I came to love instead… Singstar. Yes, that’s right; I’m a fag. I’ll give you my address to come bash me, but before you do that, give me a chance to explain myself. Being a fan of metal, I never expected anything out of this series as the song selection is very, very subpar (Save for Nirvana).

The first time I played it was earlier this year, one of my friends would invite people over every second Friday for a games night. Since the majority of the group was of the female/casual variety, I wasn’t going into the first night with high hopes (Unless they were planning to play Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses, which wasn’t there, much to my dismay).

The majority of the nights consisted of… you guessed it, Singstar. I found it so boring I started to sing my own review about the game as I played through the songs, which upped the entertainment value by a fraction. By this point, all hope was lost. I had nowhere to go, my life lacked meaning, purpose. What was a man to do if he could not enjoy SingStar, the epitome of gaming?

As I was preparing to end my life, I heard a faint sound in the distance.
The room fell silent, nothing could be heard but this melodic tone coming from a distant land. “What could it be?”, I asked. Everyone turned to look at me, as if I had done something wrong. “Check your pocket”, says one lass in the far corner. Puzzled by her strict demeanor, I thought the best course of action would be to do as she says, lest I get a smacking.

I opened up my left pocket to discover something out of this world, I stared at it with intent horror. I threw it out of my pocket and screamed “What is this monstrosity?!”. A large lad sitting on a bench close to me picked it up and examined the device. “It’s a mobile phone”, he said in a calm voice. I let out a sigh of relief and picked up the mobile phone.

I noticed a message had been left for me. I proceeded to open this sacred digital inbox to examine the contents. “This can’t be…”, I said as I read the message. It was from an old friend of mine from the southern lands of Reynellarnia in the region of Adelaidean. He told me one thing… “Are you ready to RAWK?!?!?!?”.

As I finished reading the message, I could see a light shining from the front porch. I got up to check it out, as I got closer to the door, it suddenly burst open. I coughed as a cloud of smoke rushed through the room.
I tried to get a clear view of who it was, but all I could see was a shadow. As the fog cleared, I noticed something. Two fingers were uplifted, seperated by the middle and ring finger. Right then, I knew who it was.

The devil horns were up in the air and the man jumped out of the smoke and screamed “Let us lay down the heavy metal”. It was none other than my old friend, Sir Rawk. I threw up the devil horns in salute and proceeded to grab a SingStar microphone. The first band to feel our wrath was The Veronicas. We screamed with our deep, grunty voices as we sang this mellow love song.

The night had become something I could never dream of, my face was full of delight and I wanted to capture this moment forever. We had turned SingStar into a heavy metal singing contest. Granted, the contestants only consisted of me and Sir Rawk as everyone else had left the room to escape the screeching sounds. At the end of the day, me and SingStar lived happily ever after. Well, except for my sore throat.

Disclaimer: The events taken place were based on a true story, although some names, places and suggested themes have been altered for your enjoyment… and safety. Please do not try this at home.

I can’t believe I just typed all that, if only the page didn’t ruin my Naruto review… I could have seemed like a sane person. I won’t let it happen again guys, promise.

Once again, thanks to Plantronics for providing the prizes, and we hope the winners enjoy their new gear! You’ll be contacted today for your postage details.


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