Playboy's Annual "Tribute" to Gaming Ladies

666666.jpgPlayboy is paying a fourth annual tribute to the fine virtual ladies of video gaming by displaying them buck naked in their December issue hitting newsstands today. The 'Playing Rough' foxes include "Keaira" from Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, "Church & Black" from Jericho, "Morenn" from The Witcher, "Yoko Retomoto" from Kane & Lynch, "A'Kanna" from Conan and "Sarah Morrison" from Tabula Rasa. Ooh, for a moment I thought I saw Morris as in "Zack Morris," and uhh....was totally grossed out.

If someone were to post naked pictures of me on the Internet, I'm not sure if the word "tribute" would be the first to come to mind. But if that someone were Playboy, and that Internet were Playboy magazine, maybe I would feel differently (don't worry, I'm joking and would never do anything to hurt pornography). See the KSFW but probably NSFW promo pics after the jump (you pervs). Metroid_NES_Ending_5.JPG

Just Kidding.



Playboy's Annual Girls of Video Games [via n4g]


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